Andrew Morgan {anoa}

Professional Mobile, Systems, Web Developer

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This website serves as a page for information about me and my current projects. Information is available below if you would like to get in contact.

About me

I am a Software Developer working at New Vector Ltd. on [Matrix]. I graduated with a BS in Comp Sci. from the University of California Merced. Rust, Golang, and Python are my preferred languages, but I'm also fluent in C++, C and JavaScript and have worked with React and Vue.js extensively.

I participated in the Google Summer of Code program for Qubes OS, and am now serving as a mentor for's 2019 GSoC round.

Links profile. Tor node I run.

Contact info

Get in touch with me at [andrew at amorgan dot xyz].

My PGP can be found here.

I am also on ZeroMe, a p2p social network atop of ZeroNet and Matrix as You can verify my matrix devices here.


BTC: 1784zG6jxnp1FVbrk8GoJwrzradxLdyYeX (verify)

ZEC: t1bQ5gsdFcsTQCeUeD7vAfj27Mf2mrUGqtu